Agile business development for the age of the startup

From idea to business

Digital Discovery

  1. Discovering new digital business
  2. Confirming product, service and business ideas with prototyping
  3. Running agile business development projects


Take part as a pilot

  • All parts of our process have been tried, tested and proven. But the process as a whole is new.
  • We are looking for challenging projects that allow us to work together with a customer, calibrating our process.
  • We are willing to discuss full risk sharing and favourable commercial terms for pilot customers.
  • However, we do require reference rights for projects, as our business growth depends on customer success stories.

Suppliers in implementation of digital innovation

Digital Discovery made a survey in January-April 2018 about the digital processes and actions. The target was to find out what practices are used and useful. The total number of respondents was 45 mainly from services and manufacturing. Almost all of the respondents has used external suppliers to extend the bandwidth in digital activities. Several… Read More

The three most important things I have learned while solving actual digitalisation challenges for 20+ years

World is not going to stop changing. Neither should we. Disruptive startups, changing consumer trends and disappearing competitive advantages are shaking every business as we know them. Change and new ideas are needed everywhere. And sure: we have ideas, old and new. But which ones will work? What does it take to make them fly?… Read More

How to start your digital business?

One says you should invest in the Internet of  Things ( IoT). Another consultant says you need to take agile methods in use. The third guy says it’s all about artificial intelligence (AI). Then comes a guru saying you need to take account the consumer experience.  And tomorrow there is an article that you should… Read More