How to start your digital business?

Idea Bubbles

One says you should invest in the Internet of  Things ( IoT). Another consultant says you need to take agile methods in use. The third guy says it’s all about artificial intelligence (AI). Then comes a guru saying you need to take account the consumer experience.  And tomorrow there is an article that you should not listen to your customers because they do not know the opportunities (and then he refers to Steve Jobs) .You may also have heard about the culture of experimentation and fail-fast methods. It sounds nice but does not fit to your organisation. At least it requires an inspirational leader (which you are not).   And at the end of this, you continue to do business as usual. Because your boss expects you to make revenue and profit today and tomorrow. Why not bother to take risks of losing business today.

There is too much hassle about digitalisation and a lot of talk on various technologies. Sometimes it seems that the future is having only one ( hostile scenario) and only the organisations investing a lot of money are able to survive. We have interviewed many Finnish organisations from various industries and the positive message for you. Anyone can start developing and testing new digital business. It does not need all the fancy technologies. You can start with a small experiment, and this is even our recommendation.

The most critical things for the beginner is to identify the new ideas, then make pretos or protos and test them with potential customers.  You may make several testing before going to the investment phase. The positive side of this approach is that you may share the investment to various ideas instead of one. And you start to make the bigger investment after you know that the business case is valid. This could be done in weeks, not in years.  And the most critical is to have a vision and a business case. We have seen too many times that technical solutions are nice but the business case is either lacking or it is superimposed on a technical solution. It is always important to ask why we do this. However, you do not need to make a map of calculations, in many cases a light business model is enough.  

We encourage you to start to explore your business ideas, test and verify them with customers. Come and discover what we have for you and for your business.  


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