Isto Felin

Isto Felin

15+ years new business and concept development

Business Savvy CX Nut

Digital business strategy and innovation expert with several years experience from top rated management consulting firms such as Deloitte, Eera and Trainers’ House as well as IT service industry. Insightful strategy implementer with understanding of change management and the working environment needed to create exceptional digital service experiences.

Skills in creating clear strategic vision and drive for sales growth and innovative customer solutions. Broad business acumen and native in English. Passionate about design and developing customer experience and loyalty. Leader in utilizing robotic and intelligent automation in knowledge work.


WhatsApp +358503761131

Skype: ifelin


Background and workplaces

2017 -Digital Discovery, Co-founder
2015 -2018Eera, Partner & Executive Consultant
2010 -2018Werdia, Deputy Managing Director
2008 -2009Deloitte, Manager, Strategy & Operations
2004 -2008Trainers' House, Project Manager
1999 -2004Advantage Group, Business Developer


  • Helsinki School of Economics (Finland), Master in Economics and Business Administration
  • Sophia University (Japan), International Finance
  • Helsinki School of Economics (Finland), Bachelor of Business Administration

Background and Expertise

  • Isto has designed new concepts and managed programs to implement strategies in a global context in telecom, technology, and financial industries, among others. Other industries of experience include retail, health care, start-ups, energy, infrastructure, traffic, pharmaceutical and public services.
  • He has expertise in strategic planning, customer operations, sales & marketing, innovation, human resource development, IT, process management, risk management and developing change and leadership development programs.


  • Business Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Customer Experience
  • Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Innovation Programs