Fail Fast - Win Faster

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Agile Business Prototyping


Digital Discovery positioning in middle of management consulting, service designers and technical vendors

Our mission is to help organisations become more agile, allowing them to change and innovate faster. We do this by working together in developing new products and business.

Becoming more agile is not about implementing a new process or a framework, in order to succeed a real cultural shift is required. A cultural shift is not going to happen because a consultant creates a slide deck about it, the organisational structure is reorganised and a new tightly defined “agile” process model is introduced. Culture happens in behaviours of individual people and teams, changing this requires working together on real projects while supporting the change at the same time. Permanent change is easier to do bottom-up while at the same time it has top-down support to remove impediments from teams.

We bring in small senior teams to support business and product development projects. We help create cross-functional teams by having management consultants, service designers and technical architects that support the subject-matter experts from the customer.

Instead of making just a few large investments, we encourage customers to experiment, fail fast and to find the best ways to improve their business.