Why Digital Discovery was born

Digital Discovery positioning in middle of management consulting, service designers and technical vendors -->

Digitalisation requires a cultural shift for most organisations. It’s not really only about technology, nor is it just a phase that will pass. It’s more about entire business ecosystems evolving faster becoming the new normal. In order to stay relevant organisations need to become more agile, enable more innovation and changing the organisation faster. Digital Discovery was founded to help organisations on this journey, we lead by example in real business development projects.

We are positioned in between management consultants, service designers and software companies. Our core is in agile business development: Discovering, confirming, and building new business. We iterate, prototype and learn quickly together with our customers. This is something that requires senior understanding equally in all three areas.

Unlike traditional management consultants we build new business hands on, keeping the user experience and technical possibilities in the focus from day one. At the same time we build the business plan iteratively, always making sure the investment for the next steps is justified.

Our process looks a bit like how modern software companies do product development or how design thinking is applied to the generation of new ideas. We apply the same principles in a larger scope, end-to-end for the business development process. This helps customers to get more benefits from the agile approach, and to evolve their own processes into ones that support the agile mindset.

Not having to worry about keeping 100s of programmers or designers busy allows us the flexibility to always recommend the best option for the customer. Unlike technical vendors or service designers our business doesn’t depend on the revenue of building the final solution. For us recommending killing a failing idea early is always an option. We encourage our customers to fail fast and learn. After all, this is all we do, not just a required supporting function to keep the primary business ticking.

Digital Discovery can help you to become a digital leader, we do this by helping you to:

  1. Discover new business from digitalisation, helping you to boost your growth.
  2. Confirm or kill business ideas quickly, find the key assumptions and testing them.
  3. Build a new business, helping to keep the business development process agile.

We believe there’s a lot of hidden potential in most organisations. Talk to us and we’ll help you discover it!